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September is finally here, but it seems the warm weather has no intention of giving up yet. So we thought we would give you a list of podcasts that have been with us this summer and, if you missed them you can definitely catch up with the freshness of this early month!

We’ve carefully curated a collection of the best podcasts in August 2023 that will captivate your ears. These podcasts offer an immersive listening experience, from thought-provoking interviews to gripping narratives. With exceptional quality, engaging storytelling, and expert recommendations, our lineup represents the very best podcasts of summer 2023. Get ready to dive into captivating stories, enlightening conversations, and unforgettable moments. Happy listening!

Brand Stories

Storie di Brand is one of the most popular podcasts in Italy, thanks to its ability to tell the stories behind the world's most famous brands. Written, narrated and produced by Max Corona, each episode is a journey through time, through which we delve into the history and exploits of men and women who believed in their ideas and gave birth to great companies. Max Corona's ability to tell these stories in an engaging and compelling way has made the podcast extremely popular with Italian audiences, so much so that it received the prestigious "Digital Culture" award in 2020. If you are a fan of success stories and want to find out what lies behind the world's most famous brands, Brand Stories is the podcast for you.

The Blog Millionaire

This podcast is hosted by Brandon Gaille. Brandon has a fascinating story to tell on his website. In a nutshell, he was a bullied child of a salesman. He learned the skills he needed to make money very young, and earned every penny he needed to attend college. Mostly, he offers a variety of techniques for blogging success. There are several methods he talks about, including becoming an influencer and old-school affiliate marketing. His main method of monetizing blogs is through affiliate links.. Ready to monetize? Brandon will teach you about the older techniques like Adsense, as well as email marketing techniques to include blog reach (and affiliate/influencer opportunities). If you’re a blogger, this is a great place to learn about making your hobby into serious cash.

Hacking creativity podcast

The Hacking Creativity podcast is a great source of inspiration for those working in the field of creativity who are looking for new ways to generate innovative ideas. Its creators, Edoardo Scognamiglio and Federico Favot, have realized that the old model of brainstorming is no longer sufficient to bring out new ideas. Therefore, through their podcast, they help us discover new tools, models and processes that can help creatives produce original and successful ideas. Through this podcast, creative professionals have practical and concrete solutions to improve their ability to generate innovative and inspiring ideas. If you are looking for new ways to be original and to raise the bar for your creations, Hacking Creativity Podcast is an indispensable source of inspiration.


Tlon is an innovative and thought-provoking philosophical podcast hosted by Andrea Colamedici and Maura Gancitano. Their goal is to recover the ability to think critically and deeply, through a humorous and accessible approach. The podcast offers food for thought on topical and general interest issues, with a focus on philosophy and culture. Thanks to the expertise and personality of the hosts, Tlon proves to be an engaging and enriching listening experience for all those who want to deepen their thinking and understanding of the world.

If we had to choose 4 podcasts these would definitely be our favorites. In conclusion, don't miss the list of “4 movies about marketing” that you absolutely need to see, coming out in two weeks.
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