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It’s that time of the year again! As summer fades, like clockwork you can expect pumpkin-flavored everything, superhero masks, crazy costumes... and that can only mean one thing: spooky season is just around the corner!

Many people don’t know that Halloween goes back to an ancient Celtic holiday. For the Celts, October 31st was the festival of Samhain, or the celebration of the New Year that coincided with the breaking down of all barriers between the living and the dead, an apocalyptic and frightening vision.

Leaving aside its Celtic origins, today Halloween calls for horror, with young people dressing up as beloved characters from horror movies and celebrating amid music and classic trick-or-treating.

And… as any other holiday, this is a great sales opportunity that you do not want to miss out on! Even if you do not sell spooky products, you can still take advantage of this occasion. Here you’ll find some scary marketing tips on how to use the pumpkin holiday for your own benefits!

Why create a marketing campaign for Halloween?

Well, the numbers speak for themselves. Between costumes, decorations and candy, more and more money is being spent to celebrate Halloween. Even If you don’t sell specifically anything related to the holiday it’s good to share some social media posts and create some special offers. A holiday is synonymous with fun, and fun helps increase sales.

Where and how to promote your business for Halloween?

Remember, any business can organize killer campaigns.

  • Newsletter and social media outlets

We keep saying it over and over again: newsletters and advertising flyers are still part of contemporary marketing. Give it a Halloween twist with orange and black, pumpkins, bats, fake blood and ghosts.

  • A scary Promo

A classic scary offer. Over the course of the days from October to early November, post a series of posts proposing killer offers so advantageous that are almost scary! Make it a truly unmissable offer.

  • Launch a contest

Halloween can be one of the most auspicious times to create content with high interaction potential, such as contests.  How to create and stimulate engagement with users? By creating precisely a contest in which the audience will be asked to express their preferences. One can think of a photo contest, or one in which users are asked for their opinion on new features of a particular service.

The contest should be lined with a spooky look.

How about adding a special seasonal item just for Halloween to your list? Think of Starbucks and what they have done with seasonal pumpkin flavored lattes, it has become so huge!

The last piece of advice I want to give you, which is useful for creating a campaign, is to dress your page according to the theme. What do I mean by your page? Your profile image for example or the cover of the page of your website, everything must respect (and recall) the Halloween atmosphere!

Go ahead then with pumpkins, skulls, ghosts, vampires, castles and all the elements that fall under the horror imagery. This content can then be sponsored and brought to the attention of an ever-growing audience.

Just… exploit the trend and have fun with it! Those who work in social media know very well that there are certain times of the year that can create a real movement and Halloween never goes unnoticed.

The key is to create themed content, let your imagination run wild and I can assure you that your buyers will be just as entertained as you are while making it!

Ps. Keep your target group in mind when creating online campaigns. Halloween is perfect for Millennials and Generation Z.  

Happy spooky season everybody!

By Miriam Gagino

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