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The only successful brand present in more than 80 countries, with more than 5.000 sales all around the world and 400 selling spots.
Despite its incredible growth and success its values have remained the same throughout all these years. The brand celebrates passion and pushes people to be their unique-self.

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What we do


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Social media marketing strategy
Art Direction
Campaigns made by creators
Advertising Campaigns
Video Making & Video Editing


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To create content made by influencers and creators provided by us.


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Promote the fashion brand on Milan Fashion Week (2022/2023)

Wimage worked on a custom-made campaign with the goal of adding value to the brand

We personally worked with great content creators handpicked by us to match the attitude and youth of the brand. We also worked on a strategy of presence, we wanted the audience to be fully updated with everything that was going on with the brand so we took them backstage during fashion shows and events. Lastly we worked on the brand itself, keeping its edgy, fun and trendy vibes.

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The website development

Provide tecnology

TIKTOK - @diesel

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